Tumble Dryers
Except for the huge demand of washing machines, tumble dryers are considered critical in the washing system especially in Europe and USA. With the increased attention to environmental pollution, improved efficiency and low public noise of tumble dryers has developed. Requirements of silent running and high efficiency with an expectation of long service life are strongly demanded by the manufacturers. In the tumble dryers, a small electric motor drives a drum while a ventilating fan provides the hot air through the clothes.

HCH bearings for drums in dryers
The deep groove ball bearings for this application are commonly supplied with metal shields. The working conditions will determine whether standard or special internal radial clearance is needed. Lubrication is often a high temperature grease with good oxidation stability combined with good corrosion resistance in wet conditions.

HCH bearings for electric motors in dryers
Two deep groove ball bearings are mounted to support the motor shaft. Typically the bearings have metal shields. The internal radial clearance is normally standard except where special technical needs arise.The choice of lubricant depends on the application requirements for noise and temperature.

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