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Heavy Vehicles
In the competitve heavy vehicle industry, HCH knows your requirements of low noise, long life, high quality, less friction, energy saving and anti-dust. Accordingly, demand is also rising for high-performance and maintenance free. HCH offers the best quality raw material of bearings and optimized seals solutions to sustain the long service life and operators’ comfort.

HCH believes that downtime is not an option. No industry knows that better than the agriculture, mining, and construction industry, where the competitive nature of business is often fought in the world's harshest environments. To help maintain uptime and improve the efficiency needed to improve the bottom line, HCH offers a complete line of products, services, and solutions.

Over years, HCH has completed extensive research to gain a better understanding of the needs of these industries. As a result, we are able to provide reliable solutions to problems that are inherent in vibratory equipment, contaminated environments, and applications with shock load. For this industry, we provide some of the toughest and most dependable products, as well as a team of the field and application engineers to assist in protecting vital capital equipment.

General requirements for heavy vehicles

In the heavy vehicle industry, equipment precision is continuously being improved. Take agriculture for example, When working in the field, higher accuracy means improved productivity for the farmer. To the landowner in intensive agriculture, it is vital that every square meter of land is used in the most efficient way. Since precision is a key issue to HCH’s customers, it’s also a key issue to us. Therefore, we combine profound knowledge in bearings with low friction materials, optimized seals structure, clearance as well as the lubricants.

For operators of heavy vehicles, it is absolutely vital that an optimal comfort level can be obtained during the often long working days. Avoiding stress and fatigue is an important way to keep productivity up. At HCH too, comfort is a prioritized area. Therefore, we offer both original equipment manufacturers and end-users a range of excellent and reliable solutions that generate a high level of comfort as well as high productivity. Behind our mechatronics solutions, lies sound bearing and lubrication knowledge combined with high quality materials, low friction and surface treatment expertise.

Environmental friendly
Due to the increasing environmental awareness in the market and stricter exhaust emissions and noise legislations, the development of engines used in heavy vehicles strives towards environmental friendly solutions. In addition, rising fuel prices affect the market greatly and engine designs are optimized in order to reduce emissions. For this, HCH has developed a wide variety of innovative solutions to provide performance durability as well as environmental friendly solutions.

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