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High productivity and improved printing quality coupled with reliability are just some of the constant pressures within the printing industry. High precision and accuracy as well as high stiffness of a bearing solution highly contribute to the high printing quality. Printing press manufacturers also look to their component suppliers for innovative solutions that will meet such demands.

For many years, HCH has been partner to the printing industry, supporting the need for maximum reliability. By continuous innovation and development of customized products. HCH has contributed to increase productivity and printing quality. HCH manufactures a full range of ball bearings suitable for a wide variety of applications. HCH's competence in service and application engineering is the base to be the best partner for the Graphic Arts Industry worldwide.

HCH bearings for printing machinery
HCH has developed a range of solutions to facilitate assembly and reduce the need for maintenance. These solutions are characterized by their ease of use, their innovativeness and low requirement for maintenance. What is more, friction reduction in HCH bearings and seals can considerably contribute to decrease energy consumption. Less power needed to run printing machines helps to downsize the power unit and at the end to save life cycle cost. With these solutions, HCH adds value to the product offers, strengthening the customers’ competitiveness by providing cost-effective operation.

Both end-users and manufacturers expect high-performing products that are conformable to current and future legislation. In addition, end-users want to reduce cost of ownership to stay competitive, while manufacturers want to cut production costs to stay profitable. Here, HCH’s in-depth application knowledge, experience of cost-effective solutions and understanding of manufacturing processes is a unique resource at your service. We offer you standard and customized solutions that enable you to improve performance and, simultaneously, reduce overall costs.

HCH also provides a wide range of solutions to meet customers’ demands for improved productivity. For this factor, HCH's highly skilled application engineers could help to meet specific targets.

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