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Air Conditioners
With fast social development level, consumption level and ideology, air-conditioning equipment is more and more spreading all over the world. For Japan, USA and China, the families that have air conditioners have reached more than 70%. Even in the warm country, Australia, 45% families are currently using air conditioners in their houses.

For the air conditioners, the conditioning process is helped by two fans (one for the cold and the other for the hot circuit) that improve the efficiency of the system. Since the air conditioners are usually placed in bedrooms or sitting rooms, a low noise level is essential.

There are numerous fan motor manufacturers in China and many are affiliated with Chinese, Japanese, American and European air conditioner manufacturers. An estimated 20 to 30 million fan motors are produced per year in China for air conditioners. Worldwide air conditioner fan motor consumption is approximately 50 million per year and 50 percent of these motors are produced in China. HCH are at the leading position in this area. Top 10 brand air conditioners are with HCH bearings inside their fan motors.

Window and portable air conditioners
Window and portable air conditioners require silent running characteristics. Comparatively, these air conditioners are usually small and easy for carrying. They are less energy consumption and are applied in small rooms. The conditioning process is helped by two fans (one for cold and the other for hot circuit) that improve the efficiency of the system. Blower motors are usually single-phase induction motors (permanent split capacitor or shaded pole).

Split-system air conditioners
They are used for flat and house conditioning. The hot circuit (condensing unit) is separated from the cold circuit, which is usually placed in an air handler inside the house. The air handler system is commonly placed in the basement or a dedicated room. The low noise requirement here is less demanding. The condensing unit is placed outside the building. For this reason the unit and all the components must be weather resistant.

HCH bearings for air conditioners
608, 6200, 6201, 6202 bearings with inside diameters ranging from 8mm to 15mm are the main bearings used in air conditioner fan motors. Blower motors are usually singlephase induction motors (permanent split capacitor or shaded pole). HCH can offer deep groove ball bearings with high running accuracy and special bore tolerances if required by the design. Lubrication using special greases gives good performance for noise and vibration dampening needs. The internal radial clearance is specially chosen to meet the silent running requirements. Bearings are usually supplied fitted with metal shields but for special applications can be zinc coated. If required, glass fiber reinforced polyamide cages can be offered as well.

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