The ongoing popularization of computers is truly amazing. One computer per person is now the norm in offices and the development of the internet has accelerated the spread of computers into households. For many years, HCH has been producing rolling bearings for that most vital of tools for the modern world. With the unremitting growth in personal computers, minimizing the size of hard disks and cooling fans while maximizing their capacity has been and will continue to be a primary focus.

HCH bearings for computer hard disk driv
Rather than their usual role as transferring force, the function of ball bearings in computers is supporting the accurate transfer of information. For this purpose, primary importance is placed not on load-carrying capability, but on accurate rotation without irregular motion throughout the entire service life of the bearings. The unique requirements of this function have necessitated specialized bearing designs, greases, seals and cages.

Requirements of HDDs, spindle motors and the bearings they contain

HDD HDD spindle motor Rolling bearing
Small size Thin motors Small width
High density, Low NRRO, Low NRRO,
High capability High speed High speed
High reliability Long life High quality clean material
Low noise Low noise Low noise
Low power consumption Low power consumption Low torque
Low cost Low cost Low cost

HCH bearings for computer fans
The bearings used in computer fans are usually with metal shields because they provide sufficient sealing at low cost. However, when high speed is demanded, the tightness between the metal shield and groove in the outer ring is not sufficient to prevent grease leakage. This reason has led to use of rubber seals, whose greater flexibility and resilience ensure adequate sealing and minimization of grease leakage. In addition to their excellent sealing performance, rubber seals can contribute to limiting particle emission problems if they are made of an appropriate type of rubber.

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