Integrating mechanical systems with electric power lead to more efficient, reliable and safer products. These applications are used everywhere in vehicles such as air conditioning, engine radiator, automatic window lifter, wipers and various sliders. Serving OEM customers of these applications for many years,

When it comes to various sliders, drivers’ comfort is paramount. Effortless control of equipment movement and low operating noise levels should be considered. These features increase comfort for drivers and optimize driving conditions.

Wiper motors
One of the most obvious components in this section is wiper motors which are applied with the requirements of silent running and low friction torque for continuously variable speed and permanent rotation.

HCH bearings for metro-electricity appliances
HCH low friction deep groove ball bearings with optimized clearance improve motors silent running. What is more, now HCH is improving the seal lip design (2RW) in new ball bearing series production with new sealing standard and improves sealing properties like:

> Low friction
> Speed ability
> Long service life
> Grease retention
> Dust exclusion
> Static and dynamic high pressure water exclusion

This is a new generation of bearing seals, which offers more possibilities and a wide range of applications. Low-friction HCH ball bearings make shifting easy. In contrast to steel-steel solutions, these rolling bearings offer consistent, low radial internal clearance for the shift drum and wear-free operation.

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