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Plastic & Rubber
The industry of plastic and rubber are always working to improve the reliability of the processes. The downtime costs are so high and the margins in many cases so tight that the survival of a factory itself is the result of a delicate balance. The challenge for plastic and rubber making is to maximize uptime and reduce maintenance costs for improved productivity. To play the game, you need reliable partners and state-of-the-art solutions.

Extrusion machines
Extrusion process is critical both for the quality of the production and for the productivity of a plant. During the process, the raw material and the additives (lubricants, colors, strengtheners...) are mixed, melted and then pushed through a drawplate. The resulting product could be either sent to the next transformation or sold to a customer that will transformate it later.

HCH bearing for plastic and rubber machinery
As in screw extrusion, the rotational speed of the screw is a few rpm only. Furthermore the cyclic stop and go generated by the moulding process negatively affects the bearing lubrication condition. When there is no rotation, the lubricating oil film thickness between rollers and raceways drops down to zero. In this metal-to-metal contact, the strong accelerations and the high axial loads acting on the bearings cause surface smearing and the consequent bearing failure. In a process where high shock loads can be a realistic risk, the choice of the right components is an important moment to guarantee the good performance of the machine in any situation.

HCH intimate process knowledge and enhanced competences now can lead both machine and plastic manufacturers to remove all the significant downtime causes, thus giving the right answer to the reliability requirements. What is more, HCH has applied advanced technology to exceed the life and limiting speed of conventional bearings. Our superior bearings offer higher limiting speed and longer operating life, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

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