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Privacy Policy
Huanchi Bearing Group Co., Ltd (hereinafter collectively referred to as “HCH”) believes that it is HCH's material social responsibility to appropriately manage and protect any personal information, including but not limited to that of customers and suppliers, which HCH treats in the course of its business (hereinafter referred to as “Personal Information”). Based on this belief, in order to keep the society's confidence, HCH promises to treat Personal Information in accordance with the following policy.

1. Formulation and Improvement of Compliance Program
In order to make its officers and employees (including but not limited to regular, part-time and contract workers) understand the materiality of the protection of Personal Information and, in order to protect Personal Information in an appropriate manner, HCH will formulate, perform, maintain and continuously improve the compliance system for the appropriate protection of Personal Information.

2. Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information
HCH will not only establish its internal management system in order to protect Personal Information in line with the realities of business but also treat Personal Information in an appropriate manner in accordance with HCH's established rules whenever HCH acquires, uses and provides Personal Information.

3. Management of Personal Information
In order to ensure the accuracy and safety of Personal Information, HCH will take its best and most appropriate measures to prevent improper access, divulgence, loss, destruction, falsification of Personal Information.

4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations
HCH will observe any laws, regulations and other standards related to Personal Information. In addition, HCH will ensure that its internal management system for Personal Information is in compliance with these laws, regulations and other standards.

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