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Fitting queries
1. I have my bearings, what tools do I use to fit them?
Depending on bearing type, the appropriate tools are usually pretty simple affairs. Whether you are driving, induction fitting, hydraulically fitting or swaging a bearing into place, the tools required are readily available from either the bearing manufacturers or third party agents. If you require fitting tools, HCH can supply them.

2. How do I know when my bearing needs replacing before it causes a catastrophic failure?
Bearing failure of the catastrophic nature is usually very rare. In cases where a foreign object is introduced or the bearing is running near its design speed limit, then it is potentially possible. A bearing's life can be calculated using various factors. If you require help in life calculations contact HCH. We can provide an unbiased assessment of your application and its effects on bearings.

3. What is the shelf life of the bearings I buy?
This is recommended almost universally across all manufacturers. Technically, depending on packaging and storage conditions this can be extended, consult HCH if you have any doubts.

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