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Lubricant queries
1. I have a high temperature application, can I use standard lubricants?
Most standard Lithium-based solutions are not designed for high temperatures. Most standard greases will operate consistently at a maximum temperature of 80°C and can withstand brief periods at 110°C. If your application goes higher than this then you need a more specialized lubricant. If your application goes beyond 350°C then you may need to consider solid lubricants or ceramic bearing materials (or a combination). We recommend you contact HCH for impartial advice.

2. I have a high temperature conveyor system with high cost down time, what should I lubricate it with?
Ideally (depending on loads, speeds and temperature cycles) you should try and see if you can get away with no lubricant. This is possible using mol disulphide and TDC coatings. This way the lubrication issue is completely removed.

3. Can I flush out a bearings lubricant and use another?
Not unless you use a prescribed flushing agent in a properly environmentally controlled area and the bearing is thoroughly dried post flush and lubricated with the correct amount and type of grease.

4. How do I ensure myself lube or plumber block bearing receives the correct amount of lubrication?
First you need to know your regreasing interval. This can be found by consulting your pillow block manufacturer or contacting HCH. Obviously factors such as speed, load cycle, load values, environment etc will be required in order to work out regreasing intervals. Once this has been established, you can use of one of many auto-pot style greasing dispensers which deliver pre-set amounts of grease over set periods of time.

5. How much grease should I fill my bearing with?
As a rule of thumb, never more than 30%. If however your application is very high load and very low RPM then a greater grease fill may be beneficial. You should NEVER fill a bearing totally with grease as it will almost certainly hydraulically lock, especially if the bearing undergoes a relatively quick start up acceleration. If the grease cannot escape then it stops the rolling elements moving (you cannot compress a liquid).

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