HCH does not want safety aspects to fall by the wayside. This is why we provide our customers with support in developing and designing the motorcycle steering system. A precise steering system ensures that the motorcycle performs exactly what the driver wants in critical situations. The motorcycle steering application demands:

> Easy installation
> Cost-effective
> Designed for high loads
> Maintenance free solutions
> Longer service life under severe operating condition

Steering column
The main application area, which is more critical for motorcycle steering system is steering column application. The bearings for steering columns are lubricated with the grease. The main constraints of this system are:

> Ball & raceway wear out at early running

> Complex & time consuming assembly method
> No re-lubrication possibilities
> Shorter service life due to water & contamination entry

HCH bearings for steering column
HCH has the knowledge to offer solutions to face a steering column application under severe contamination and shock conditions. Adjustable HCH tapered roller bearings or deep groove ball bearings can absorb the highest loads and provide a precise steering system, thereby ensuring the driver's safety in extreme situations.

HCH tapered roller bearings consist of solid outer and inner rings with tapered raceways and tapered rollers with cages. The bearings are not selfretaining. This allows the inner ring with the rollers and cage to be fitted separately from the outer ring.

HCH deep groove ball bearings applied in this application are usually with larger clearance than normal to accurate the loads from radial or axial direction. With optimized grease selection and improved sealing design, HCH has developed a special system, which has the ability to keep the lubricant in perfect condition and the dust out. This solution keeps the steering column lubricated for a long working time. Moreover, The greases filled into the bearings are comparatively thicker to prevent interal metal-tometal contact due to the ultra low speed.

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