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Warehouse Conveyors
Warehouse conveyors are one of the most frequently used conveyor systems. They are used to transport parts in package form of boxes or pallets. They are most often indoors and are relatively slow speed moving, so speed and operating temperature are typically not factors in bearing selection. With the fast development in this industry, the fully automatic warehouse handling becomes realistic. However, costly shutdowns for maintenance are inevitable due to the wear of equipment components or contaminants get baked onto the bearings.

This and other problems are constant challenges to this industry. As a long-time partner to conveyor producers all over the world, HCH, with our competencies and abundant bearing application knowledge, offers a wide range of solutions, resulting in reduced costs for maintenance, and increased productivity.

HCH bearings for warehouse conveyors
In order to delay the advent of material fatigue, HCH bearing’s ring and rolling element materials adopt following properties: high level of hardness, high rolling contact fatigue resistance, good wear resistance, dimensional stability, good mechanical strength. HCH’s bearing material is applying clean and homogenous steel with an absolute minimum number of inclusions. To maximize the benefits of this improved steel, HCH developed new heat treatment procedures. These new procedures further improved the wear resistance of HCH’s high quality bearings.

Together, HCH’s seal structure adopts an optimized design with three lips that can better prevent dust and water entering inside. Moreover, due to the low speed in the warehouse conveyors, and to avoid the metal-to-metal contact inside bearings, HCH has a variety of excellent grease types to meet our customer’s satisfaction of maintenance reduction. In addition, with abundant experience of application knowledge, we can supply greases with anti-water function to the places that are moist.

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