The motorcycle market is becoming more and more high tech demanding in terms of performance, safety, reliability, speed and satisfaction. Extended operating life of motorcycles is via highly developed bearings with durable materials. HCH is currently supplying bearings to the major motorcycle brands in the world. In the mean time, HCH has a close and effective cooperation with our customers in research and development for new types of motorcycles as well as new bearings. In collaboration with our customers' design specialists, we have developed a wide range of specific solutions for engines, transmissions, chasises as well as for wheel system. The know-how provided by HCH experts guarantees the highest quality and optimum coordination for every area of application. In general, the benefits of applying HCH bearings includes:

> Supporting the system cost reduction.
> Increasing service life and system performance.
> Reducing friction and weight.
> Cutting energy consumption and emission.

Our range offers maximum benefits to motorcycle manufacturers and their customers, including an extended operating life of the motorcycles thanks to highly-developed components and assemblies, reduced fuel consumption, as well as increased operating efficiency through innovative engine components and weight-optimized parts. We support our customers with environmental friendly products that contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions, and offer them perfection by optimizing costs, performance and quality in an integrated approach.

General requirements for motorcycles

For motorcycle drivers, it is absolutely vital that an optimal comfort level can be obtained during driving. Avoiding stress and fatigue is an important way to keep a good way of comfort. As for HCH, customer comfort considering is a prioritized area. We offer both original equipment manufacturers and drivers a range of excellent and reliable precision bearings to satisfy a high level of comfort.

Save power by reducing friction
Friction causes vibration; vibration leads to noise, waste of energy and comfort troubles. HCH is equipped with advanced tools to make the best analysis focus on friction decreases.By choosing low-friction grease, optimized seals and shields design. Providing end-users with maintenance-free solutions is therefore a matter of course for the original equipment manufacturer and for HCH. With HCH systematic quality control, we offer you with the best application solutions for your energy saving purpose.

Environmental friendly
A serious approach to environmental concerns is one of today’s main issues for both manufacturers and drivers of motorcycles. Complying with ever changing environmental legislations is expensive but necessary. Here, HCH’s expertise and innovative approaches to lubrication optimization, noise dampening and emission reduction is particularly valuable. With our lubrication and low friction solutions for bearings and seals, we reduce CO2 emissions as well as grease and oil leakage, which helps protect the environment. Moreover, reduced fuel consumption and increased cost-efficiency is achieved by weightoptimized bearings through HCH highly reliable raw material.

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