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Kitchen Appliances
As one of the most demanding appliances for both clean and contaminated environments, HCH has the solutions to meet the needs of the kitchen appliances. From dishwashers, cooker hoods, electric ovens, to food processors and sliding doors - we have the products to meet the variety of applications found in your industry.

The layout and number of spray arms is designed to ensure that every dish comes out sparkly clean. Typically, dishwashers are placed in the kitchen. Therefore noise and vibration requirements are stringent. This is reflected in the newer machines, which have an improved noise level (in many cases below 45 dB).
Cooker hoods
In every cooker hood, there is an electric motor that has to rotate at high speed and low noise. A fractional single-phase induction motor usually drives the blower. The motor is supported by two single row deep groove ball bearings with special vibration characteristics. They are metal-shielded with optimized internal radial clearance.
Electric oven
Components for this application usually need to meet the requirements of high temperature and low speed. HCH deep groove ball bearings can be used. Internal radial clearance is larger than normal to accommodate the high temperatures involved. Cages are usually metallic, which are more suitable for very high temperatures.
Food processors
The main requirements for the bearings used in mixer knives are for food compatibility and resistance to pollution from food processing. HCH also specially designed the internal radial clearance to meet the application needs. HCH environment policy for its bearings further confirm your equipment will leave unnecessary trouble from environment harasses.

Sliding doors Where the space is limited or the owner wants to create a specific effect and a traditional door does not fit then sliding door is used. A sliding door is usually supported by a couple or more (depends on the load) trolleys mounted in a built-in frame. The requirements of a sliding door are low friction, reduced free play and low noise in operation.

HCH bearings for kitchen appliances
The requirements for the bearings are similar to those found in other appliances:

> Low noise and vibration levels
> Medium and high temperature environment
> Long service life
> Maintenance-free components

However, due to various specific applications in kitchen appliances, more requirements are raised. HCH can offer stainless steel shields or rubber seals for deep groove ball bearings of this application. Following lists common type sealing structures applied in HCH:

1) This chart lists double shielded and double sealed bearings, but single shielded (Z) and single sealed (RZ, RS, RW) are also available.

2) The above sealing structures are only for reference. We reserve the right to change specifications and other information included in this catalogue without notice.

3) HCH also could provide bearings with other sealing designs including customized sealing design. Please consult HCH engineers for more information.

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