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Electric Motors & Generators
In the electrical motor service industry, top quality and problem solving ability are crucial to maintain profitability and customer loyalty. When bearings do not solve the customer’s reliability problems, it will erode customer loyalty easily.

The preferred brand for virtually all leading electric motor manufacturers, HCH is widely recognized as the leader of bearing suppliers in the electric motor industry. By working with HCH, you gain access to the resources of a proven leader that has earned OEM quality awards from many quality-conscious corporations.

Our product range offers extra benefits to the manufacturers of electric motors and electrical appliances:

> High reliability and long life through proven product design, excellent material quality and production technology
> Reduced energy consumption due to special bearing solutions and lightweight design
> High power density due to space-saving solutions
> Safety in bearing selection through the proven knowledge of our application experts
> Customized solutions developed in close cooperation with the customer using the latest technologies and continuous further development

General requirements for electric motors

Noise & vibrations level reduction
Electric motors for consumer applications especially household appliances are usually working in indoor places. Excessive vibration and noise levels associated with these applications are strongly required to be eliminated. Excessive vibrations can cause premature equipment failure. High vibration levels also increase energy consumption. High noise levels, in turn, result in a poorer living environment for personnel and family. HCH offers a range of solutions for exceptionally smooth and quiet bearing operation.

Maintenance elimination
Consequently, electric motor’s long-term performance and maintenance free are important and critical since the repair is comparatively costly and not convenient. Thus, long bearing life is a key requirement. Low operating temperature, high quality raw material, adequate lubrication and avoiding contamination are important factors in extending bearing service life. HCH offers a range of sealed bearings that will extend bearing service life and improve cost-effectiveness as well as reduce the total cost for the application.

Environment concerning
When it comes to the important issue of environment protection, reduced energy consumption is of ever increasing importance. HCH states our commitment to endeavor to reduce the impact of our bearings on the environment and to maintain a safe environment for the future. In connection with its manufacture of bearings for electric motors, HCH takes into account protection of the environment, preservation of resources and more efficient use of energy.
Avoid electric current damages
In an electric motor, stray currents can cause cratering in the bearing raceways and in the rolling element surfaces. The damages from bearing currents lead to increased noise and heat levels, reduced effectiveness of the lubricant, excessive vibration and possible bearing failure. HCH’s high quality bearing material as well as the most advanced heat treatment and full automatic Japanese grinding and super finish machineries guarantee the bearing reliable performance and prevent bearings from early fatigue failure from current damages.

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