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Fans & Blowers
Bearings in fans and blowers often operate at high speed and relatively light radial loads. They may also operate in inaccessible surroundings. This will reduce uptime and the service life of the fan. From long and genuine experience, HCH has developed a range of excellent solutions for industrial fans and blowers. These solutions improve cost-efficiency and provide trouble-free operation.

For fan and blower industry, compare to air-conditioner and other household appliances, the noise demand is less and rotation speed is usually not exceeding 2000 rpm. But since it is also used indoors, HCH still suggests low noise and vibration bearings should be applied.

Ceiling fans:
These are used to move air around rooms. This action helps to improve bodily evaporation giving a cooling sensation. Vibration levels need to be kept as low as possible. Maintainance free is also important to cut the cost of repairing.

Other fans:
Applications here include drive blowers, bathroom ventilators, attic ventilators and fan coils. The requirements for these fans are less restrictive. However, low noise capability and good resistance to environmental conditions (humidity) is important.

HCH bearings for fans
HCH bearings for fans For ceiling fans, two deep groove ball bearings are often used. They are usually metal-shielded. In order to maintain vibration levels within acceptable limits, the internal radial clearance is optimized to suit operating conditions. Bearings are lubricated for life with grease having properties including noise dampening qualities, good humidity and corrosion resistance together with high service life at medium temperature. The grease fill is dependent upon the application needs.

Since many fan producers inject the grease between the rotators and bearings, open type deep groove ball bearings are also common now. In such application, for the sealed bearings with grease, special attention should be paid to the compatibility between bearing grease and fan grease.

For other domestic fans, HCH can provide metal-shielded deep groove ball bearings, which are grease lubricated for life and meet the needs of low noise and resistance to adverse environmental conditions. For further information please contact your HCH Application Specialist.

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