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Recreation Race Vehicles
Except for cars and motorcycles, there are a variety of race vehicles currently all over the world such as lonestar racing, snowmobile racing etc. They are generally called recreation race vehicles. Under the harsh conditions of recreation race vehicles exposed to the vehicles are experiencing bearing failures in the form of material wear as that there was not enough reliability to make it through practice on Saturday and the race on Sunday. To avoid losing a race over failed bearings, the bearings are normally changed out on Saturday night.

We have an end-user come to us in USA who meets the problem with bearings in the vehicle that can easily fail during the competition. He provided us the temperature data taken under competition conditions. So we specified high temp double lipped seals, high temp synthetic grease and all in a greased-for-life package, and told him to leave off the grease fitting. The HCH bearings were installed and away we went. Instantly the failures disappeared and not only were the HCH bearings running whole weekend, they were running multiple race weekends with no failures.

HCH bearings for recreation race vehicles
There are a lot of cheap bearings out there these days. They stack up easily when a little snow, salt, dirt or water ingress inside. It happens to bearings in the field in recreational products applications which destroy the dream of players. By applying HCH bearings, customers will be surprised to find that result is much better than what they can expect.

Following listed two bearing applications for recreational race vehicles and the reuqirement for these two applications:

Deep groove ball bear- ings for crankshafts, transmissions, and differentials > Single row deep groove ball bearings in popular sizes
> High capacity and special heat treatments available for long life
> High quality clean bearing material for long life
Deep groove ball bear- ings for wheels > Full line of 6 series ball bearings in popular sizes
> Steel cage or glass filled nylon cage
> Available with a variety of sealing options
> Greased for life with rust inhibiting greases
> High temperature versions available

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