Gearboxes are important subsystems in almost every industrial application. Together with the electrical motors (or with other prime movers) they form the drive train that is needed in most processes. Due to the variety of the existing applications, the industry requirements are the most diverse ranging from so called standard components up to the fully customized solutions that include advanced co-engineering.

Knowledge is power. HCH remains a driving force behind the gearbox industry through our research and close working relationships. We recognize that standard solutions are just as important as innovation. HCH gearbox bearing solutions minimize downtime and improve operational efficiency. But of course, no level of innovation is complete without technical support. Our gearbox specialists provide world-class assistance on everything from making bearing recommendations, to validating new gearbox designs, and even defusing crises on shop floors.

General requirements for gearboxes

Optimized design and production
To be competitive, gear boxes must be designed to enable cost-effective design and production processes for the right level of performance. This requires an understanding of the gear boxes as a system. Only then can you evaluate the influence of a light alloy casing on gear and bearing behavior, for example, or the effect of contaminated lubrication on overall performance. HCH engineering capabilities can complement your own technical expertise throughout the design project.

High performance
Demands on gearbox performance typically include high speeds under combined load on the input shaft and relatively heavy radial loads on the intermediate shaft. Not to mention external loads at low speed on the output shaft. Furthermore, the stiffness behavior of the complete system and the overall effects of an oil-splashed, contaminated lubrication are also highly demanded. Working together with HCH, you can achieve the enhanced performance by our expertise, from the analysis of your specific needs, to design optimization and verification in our virtual test rigs, and to analyzing gear box working conditions in the field.

As the person working with or responsible for operations, your priority is to get maximum return on money invested. It takes high operational reliability, energy efficiency and minimal service requirements - throughout the life of the gear unit. To do this, you have to be able to focus on optimizing the drive system integrated in the process. This is true for all types of industrial processes, such as steelmaking, mining and cement, as well as for harbor cranes and movable bridges, for example.

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