Rough working conditions and heavy loads are not the only factors that put great strain on today’s agricultural machines and equipment. Along with end-users’ constant demands for enhanced performance and cost-efficiency, these circumstances present a great challenge to original equipment manufacturers. For optimum result, we offer everything from perfectly adapted, customized solutions to well-tried and reliable standard products and solutions.

Power train
Agricultural equipment is designed for maximum power density and minimum power losses. At the same time, the demands for reliability and cost- effectiveness are high. HCH offers you standard and customized solutions, sealing solutions for harsh environment. By worldwide HCH distribu- tion availability, we can offer you fast delivery time.
Chassis & attachments
For this application, bearings are commonly ex- posed to heavy loads, often in muddy and dusty working conditions. These applications should be extremely reliable. HCH offers a wide range of high quality bearing products which are designed for tough working environments and also offer mini- mal environmental impact.

Integrating electronic solutions with the mechani- cal systems traditionally used in agricultural applications, often improves farm productivity as well as operator safety and comfort. By being at the forefront of this technology for many years, HCH has developed unique application knowledge. We have been able to develop a number of cus- tomized bearings for these solutions.
Due to the increasing environmental awareness in the market and stricter exhaust emissions and noise legislations, the development of engines used in agricultural vehicles strives towards envi- ronmental friendly solutions. For this, HCH has developed a wide variety of innovative solutions and bearing products to achieve combining re- duced fuel consumption and emissions with per- formance and cost-effectiveness.

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