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Construction & Mining
It’s not only the heavy loads but also the tough working conditions that put pressure on modern construction machines and equipments, the users’ ever-increasing demands for performance and cost-efficiency add further to this pressure. Living up to these demands is a tough challenge to the world’s equipment manufacturers.

Power train
Construction equipment is engineered for demand- ing duty, often in harsh environments. This requires power train applications that to be reliable and efficient, as well as functional and cost-effective. We offer you standard and customized solutions that are pre-set in the factory, heavy-duty sealing solutions.
Chassis & attachments
There is an urgent need for operator comfort and safety. Whether your bearings are suffering from con- tamination and over consumption of grease in your roll neck applications, excessive loads, or if you're just looking for a fresh approach to achieving maximum uptime, HCH has the answer.

Integrating mechanical systems with electricity solu- tions leads to more efficient, reliable and safer products. HCH endeavors to design and produce bear- ings with standard to meet customers’ requirement. We continue to focus on our customers by enhancing quality, design flexibility and total cost optimization.

The development of engines used in construction ve- hicles strives towards environmental friendly solutions. Keeping the correct balance between price and per- formance is a real challenge. For this, HCH has devel- oped a wide variety of innovative solutions and bear- ing products to provide performance durability as well as sustainability.

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