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Washing Machines
Technological advances and recent environmental demands have led manufacturers to focus their efforts on improving washing and rinsing efficiency whilst lowering power and water consumption. Labels are placed on each appliance to aid consumers in their purchasing decisions. These regulations take into account energy efficiency, noise level, service life and rust free. In addition to the normal features we look for in a washer, there are now new developments:

>Increasing speeds in the spin cycle (1600 rpm and over) to improve water removal
>Systems that can electronically control drum speed, position and rotation sense
>Reduction in machine size and silent running that gives flexibility in room installation placement
>Electronic power managing systems that regulate water consumption according to laundry load

Horizontal axis - front loading washing machines
The drum is overhung in respect to the two support single row deep groove ball bearings. The out of balance load is predominantly taken by the bearing closest to the drum. Therefore,, this bearing tends to be larger than that on the pulley side.

Horizontal axis - top loading washing machines The drum is supported at both sides usually with deep groove ball bearings. The out of balance load is centered between the two support bearings, so the maximum speed of the drum is not as critical as it is for the front-loading design. This means that for the same load size and speed, the bearings used in the top loading design are usually smaller than those used in front loading applications.

Vertical axis - top loading washing machines
Contrary to horizontal axis washing machines, in vertical axis washing machines, the nature of the load is predominantly axial and the drum is stationary during the washing cycle (only the agitator is in motion) and rotates during the spinning operations

HCH deep groove ball bearings for washing machines
The ball bearings commonly used have metal shields and an internal radial clearance dependent on the press-fit required and material of the housing. For high-speed washers (over 1 000 rpm), HCH offers special greases with extreme pressure additives to withstand the higher unbalanced loads and vibrations. Following are the reasons that why so many world famous washing machine manufacturers choose HCH deep groove ball bearings:

> Noise dampening capabilities
> Long life at medium temperatures
> Good resistance to corrosion and humidity

HCH bearings for vertical axis - top loading washing machines
The ball bearings commonly used have heavy contact seals to prevent the ingress of contaminants from the outside environment. Higher than normal internal radial clearances are suggested in order to compensate for the tight press-fit of the bearing outer ring inside the housing. The application commonly calls for greases with high temperature capability.

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