APPLICATION>Customized gear units
Customized gear units
Large, customized gear units are tailored to the specific demands within industries such as cement, steel, mineral processing, wind power and traditional power generation. The tough operating conditions can include high torque, heavy external loads, shock loads, high environmental contamination and varying speeds. Reliability and performance are crucial, placing strong demands on the design process. Worth to mention, until now, an increasing precision of calculation methods, constantly increasing computing power and improved technological know-how - e.g. in the fields of materials technology, strength and tribology - have utilized reserve capacities: the gear-weight/driving-torque ratio has been reduced by 80% over the last 20 years.

HCH bearings for customized gear units
HCH offers high-level engineering capabilities and high performance products, both standard and special executions for specific positions by understanding your demands of:

>High operational reliability
>High load carrying capacity
>Low friction
>Exact radial and axial guidance of the shafts for exact meshing

What is more, HCH offers the unique ability to combine high-level engineering services with high performance products and condition monitoring systems. HCH rolling bearings have contributed considerably to current developments. Through targeted research and development, constant increases in quality and an intensive exchange of experience with gear manufacturers and users, we have increased our bearings' functionality and operational reliability and at the same time minimized power losses. Gearboxes that are fitted with high-quality rolling bearings have become generally more efficient and more reliable, and as a result more competitive.

Oil leakage is a common problem in many oil-lubricated machines, including gear motors. It lowers the machine’s perceived quality. It can cause environmental contamination and in the long run it can cause the machine to run without lubricant. Many efforts are spent by HCH engineers to design effective oil sealing systems that could cope with the following parameters:

> Space and weight constraints
> Chemical aggressivity of additivated oils (that can cause premature ageing of many rubber materials)
> Relatively high temperatures
> Pressure differentials (that can deformate the seal and make it ineffective)
> Shaft displacements and deflection
> Shaft hardness and surface finishing
> Assembling methods

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