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Trucks & Buses
The commercial transport market is extremely competitive. Whether the operation is in Europe or in North America, ensuring vehicles are on the road is a prime focus for all areas of the industry. From designers working on the next generation of vehicles to a fleet’s service manager, providing reliable on-road operation with extended yet flexible service intervals now drives much of the thinking.

Power train
By offering not only advanced application competence, but also a wide range of innovative and environmentally sustainable solutions for power train of trucks and buses, HCH is a compe- tent engineering partner. By fast delivery and high quality product offering, we add further value to your equipments.
Chassis & attachments
The working environment for chassis and attach- ments in trucks and buses is tough. To be cost- effective, these applications should require only a minimum of maintenance, but also contribute to increased productivity as well as comfort and safety. To meet these demands, HCH offers a wide range of special designed seal structure and lu- brication solutions.
For this application in trucks and buses, drivers’ comfort is critical. Effortless control of equipment movement and low operating noise levels should be considered. HCH’s engineering resources and consulting services can help the design engineers to improve the overall comfort and fuction of metroelectricity.
Truck engines are going through significant tech- nology upgrades, with legislation changes. In addition, engine designs are optimized in order to reduce fuel consumption. HCH offers bearing products with optimized sealing structure and cus- tomized grease choices to save energy and par- ticulate emission levels.

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