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Fitness Equipments
Leisure and excercising is more and more enjoyed by people all over the world. It is practiced in gymnasium or in family to have fun. HCH’s experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of high reliability and quiet running bearings make us an ideal partner for your excercising equipment needs. From massage chairs to treadmills to various newly developed fitness equipments, HCH offers a complete line of solutions for the movement of your product. Among our customers, there are world leading fitness equipment manufacturers in USA, Italy, Japan and China. We believe that their success and HCH’s professional skill and continuous improvement cannot be separated.

Massage chairs
Massage chairs must be designed ergonomically for the excercisers as well as smooth and quiet for comfort. As people size and weight varies, chair design has to be reliable and robust.

For this game, HCH makes no compromises between bearings’ efficiency and robustness. HCH has access to the best bearing technology, which brings the absolute combination of low friction and extreme robustness.

HCH bearings for fitness equipments
HCH bearings are designed to fulfill the requirements of different types of fitness equipments. All HCH bearings are of high quality level. There are no compromises. At HCH, we know that robustness, protection, low friction and comfort are important for every equipment performance. HCH engineers are more than bearing specialists. They are experts in the industries they serve as well. They understand the demands of a specific industry and the role played within it by bearings. That’s why we have put our expertise at the service of fitness equipment market with a complete range of deep groove ball bearings to satisfy every need.

In some difficult area, HCH also provides specific high quality grease with additives for extreme pressures. Rubber seals are also considered when the environment is extremely dusty. For further information, please contact your HCH application specialist to ensure best results.

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