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AC Single-phase Induction Motors
Induction motors are the most used driving system, from fractional horsepower to hundreds of horsepower, where speed rotation does not require varying. Single-phase induction motors are largely used in low power applications. Split phase, capacitor start and permanent split capacitor motors are commonly used to drive washing machine drums. Shaded pole and permanent split capacitor motors are used to drive dishwasher water pumps. Thus bearing design strongly depends upon the final application of the motor. The types of fractional horsepower motors are designed to match the requirements of each application.

Split-phase induction motors
This type of motor has good efficiency and moderate starting torque. They are widely used as drive motors for washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.

Capacitor start induction motors
They have the same running performance as split-phase motors but a higher starting torque. They are mainly used in washing machine drive systems.

Permanent split capacitor motors
With characteristics of high efficiency, quiet operation and continuous reversibility, they are suitable for washing machines, tumble dryers, fans, air-conditioners, and dish washer pumps.

Shaded pole motors
They are suitable for low power applications (less than 200 W). Typical use is in small domestic fans, which can be found in home appliances such as range hoods, air conditioning systems.

HCH bearings for AC single-phase induction motors
The normal bearing arrangement for these types of motors is two HCH deep groove ball bearings. The required performances for these types of motor bearings are low noise and vibration, low torque and wide temperature resistance. HCH R&D department efforts have been done to develop various greases and optimized bearing designs that meet such performance requirements.

Grease suitable for low and high temp operation together with low noise capacity and special requirement (e.g. anti-water, rust-prevention, no reaction with surrounding environment) is used. HCH has abundant knowledge about the grease characteristics. For your various application demands, we supply you a wide range of greases. The bearing design is dependant upon the motor application. For horizontal axis washing machines metal-shielded bearings are commonly used. For vertical axis washing machines light contacting rubber seals are preferred. The internal radial clearance is optimized to achieve the best compromise between speed and noise requirements.

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