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Excercise & Sports
In the exercise and sports industry, demand continues to increase for improvements in energy consumption, long service life, safety and comfort. The exercise & sports equipments must be designed to meet strict precision standards which must be easy to maintain.

As an equipment manufacturer, you expect a comprehensive range of standard parts. Products from HCH bearing group ensure peak performance in practically any type of sports and fitness equipment. Our products are characterized by:

> Very high quality
> Long life
> Good price/performance ratio

In addition, our application engineering and sales experts can use their extensive experience to support you on special solutions. For example, for the need of high impact resistance in this kind of application, HCH has developed a range of good basic load ratings and optimized bearings that enhance operators’ comfort.The know-how and resources of a strong international distributionship are thus available to you on a local basis, anywhere in the world.

General requirements for exercise & sports

Save power by reducing friction
Some exercise equipments are used in indoor places. Excessive noise and vibration level associated with exercise equipments are strongly required to be eliminated. High noise levels result in a poor living environment for personnel and family. High vibration levels also increase energy consumption. HCH offers a range of solutions with low friction materials, optimized seals solutions, clearance as well as the lubricants.

It is absolutely vital that an optimal comfort level can be obtained during driving. Avoiding stress and fatigue is an important way to keep a good way of comfort. As for HCH, customer comfort considering is a prioritized area. Therefore, we offer both original equipment manufacturers and drivers a range of excellent and reliable precision bearings to satisfy a high level of comfort. Since precision is a key issue to HCH’s customers, it’s also a key issue to us at HCH.

Maintenance free
For both manufacturers and end-users, it is of utmost importance that exercise and sports demand as low maintenance efforts as possible. To meet these demands for reduced maintenance, HCH can offer you a wide range of solutions to improve bearing quality and steel material to sustain long service life.

Environmental concerning
Advocating harmony with the global environment is HCH’s most important issue and we will make constant efforts to contribute to the harmonious development of society, while aiming to reduce environmental impacts and create a recycling society. HCH bearings all pass RoHS to make sure that every single piece used in exercise & sport equipments is with no harm.

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