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Conventional Pumps
Conventional pumps usually refer to those deal with the clean fluid handling processes such as water treatment and supply, milk pasteurization and de-scaling. Reduced total cost of ownership is a critical issue for these pumps. High vibration levels increase energy consumption and can cause premature equipment failure and costly maintenance, often including unplanned downtime and loss of production. HCH offers application knowledge and high quality bearings for energy-efficient pumping systems that can reduce energy consumption in the entire process. HCH’s sealed bearings, food compatible greases and reliable high quality bearings’ material offer maintenance-free and lubrication-free technology for submersible and seal-less pumps, reducing the risk of contamination of the fluid. This means vastly increased production efficiency and enhanced operational profitability

Since these bearings are working mainly indoors, for example, the bearings in house hold pumps and milk workshop pumps, excessive vibration and noise levels are an increasing concern for optimum performance reasons as well as for compliance with legislation. Often the root cause of too high vibration and noise levels is related to poor shaft alignment, inadequate lubrication, poor mounting procedure or improper bearing arrangements.

HCH bearings for conventional pumps
For conventional pumps, bearings are important factors in the development towards higher pump performance. HCH deep groove ball bearings are often used. They are usually rubber-sealed or metal-shielded. In order to maintain vibration levels within acceptable limits, the internal radial clearance is optimized to suit operating conditions. Bearings are lubricated for life with grease having properties including noise dampening qualities, good humidity and corrosion resistance together with high service life at medium temperature to meet the needs of low noise and resistance to adverse environmental conditions. The filling quantity of grease is dependent upon the application needs.

Through advanced technology and knowledge, HCH can support pump designers to meet these challenges with a number of proven quality solutions including:

> Maintenance free solutions
> Advanced engineering calculation tools
> Food compatible lubricants
> High performing sealing solutions

HCH offers a range of special executions for these applications. For further information, please contact your HCH application specialist to ensure best results.

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