There are well over 100 bearings in a typical escalator, with two bearings used to support each stair and several contained in the drive motor, transmission and handrail assemblies. The majority of these bearings are deep groove ball bearings operating at low speeds and moderate loads.

As the majority of escalators are installed in controlled indoor environments, contamination and temperature are generally not big concerns. Bearings in escalators are, however, required to be quiet running, highly reliable and low maintenance. HCH supplies bearings meeting all of these criteria. In addition, HCH can provide products and systems that allow improved control and ease of maintenance of the escalator.

Another type of popular lift is elevators which can be classified as either traction or hydraulic types. In traction elevators, cables and electric motors are used to raise and lower the car. In hydraulic elevators, a hydraulic cylinder is used to control the car’s ascent and descent. Both types of elevators use multiple bearing types, and safety and reliability are the primary concerns in bearing selection. The modern elevators are also required to be very quiet, thus the bearings must generate as little noise as possible.

HCH bearings for lifts
HCH rolling bearings help to ensure reliable and trouble-free function for long periods of time. For years, lift producers worldwide have turned to HCH for competitive solutions. For years, HCH continuously strives to improve the quality of its products. Our expertise in bearings, services, seals, lubrication systems makes us a strong partner. With reliable standard products and solutions, we can help increase your productivity, reduce your operational costs and manage your environmental impact.

Low operating temperature, high quality raw material, adequate lubrication and avoiding contamination are important factors in extending bearing service life. As the world’s leading manufacturer of bearing solutions, HCH has a wide range of solutions and services to extend bearing service life and improve application profitability.

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