From everyday fun to racing, HCH are able to satisfy every needs with full range of bearings for skating. Among our customers, there are many market-leader skates manufacturers and important skating racing teams. We believe that some of their successes derive from working together with the HCH’s professional skill. HCH also enjoys itself in sponsoring world famous skating races especially in Brazil and USA.

Leisure skating
Fitness skating becomes popular in the beginning of the 1990’s when more and more people came together to practice inline skating. At the end of 1990’s, a skating bicycle started to be popular. Because skating bicycle needs no professional skill even without any training, from the child to adult, people enjoy the fun by this equipment. To faster the speed, engineers improved this equipment with electric motors inside to replace manual moving. Since then, it becomes to be a miniature vehicle, which is also enjoyed by students and office people to ride instead of bicycle. HCH bearings have been supporting leisure skating since the beginning.

Sports skating
It is usually practiced by 4 wheels skates with short frames for higher mobility. Sports skating could be divided in function as aggressive skating (in which skateboard can be also included) and skate racing. Aggressive skating means pushing the limit of extreme practices, having fun with stunts and figures while skating on skate-parks, streets and sidewalks. Equipment like bearings must survive to 3 meters and over high jumps! For racing games, there are several big events like Roller World Cup, National Cups and Championships, and many more everywhere in the world, Speed and reliability become the most important in that area. For all of them, skaters need the best bearings.

HCH bearings for skating
608 bearings and other miniature bearings are usually applied in the skating. HCH bearings are made from high quality chromium steel with the standard grease applied. In addition HCH high precision standard satisfy skating players who want to have access to the best bearing technology, which brings the absolute combination of low friction and extreme robustness as well as maintenance free.

HCH can support makers to meet their requirements with a number of proven quality solutions including:

> Standard rolling: standard grease filling
> Good protection against dust: 2 metallic shields
> Excellent robustness: made of world class cleanest chromium steel > HCH average precision standard, optimized internal clearance for skates bearings

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