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Office Equipments
Because of the expanded use of personal computers, internet and other digital equipments, multi-function copy machines and printers are now used around the world as image outputting equipment. Such office equipment has many different bearings built into them to meet various needs.

Office equipments must be designed to meet strict precision standards, and those standards must be easy to maintain. Further, the equipment needs to be reliable, with a focus on ergonomics for the operators and comfort for the office staff. HCH has been involved in the design of various office equipment applications and can draw on its knowledge of this specialized field. As the need for quiet-operating products is great in office applications, HCH has developed a range of low noise bearings that enhance operators’ comfort.

In order to meet the needs for more compact and lighter office equipments, we supply the Series 67 thin-type ball bearings that have smaller bearing cross section dimensions than the Series 68 deep-groove ball bearings. In addition, design can be optimized for sealed bearings and models with snap rings.

General requirements for office equipments

High productivity
High productivity is one of the constant pressures within the office equipment industry. To increase profitability there is a trend to further increase the speed of the machines in order to get even higher outputs. This must be done while keeping a consistent high quality. HCH provides a wide range of solutions to meet customers’ demands for improved productivity.Also, HCH's highly skilled application engineers could help to meet specific targets.

Increase service life
Office equipments long-term performance and maintenance free are important and critical since the repair is costly and not convenient. Consequently, long bearing life is a key requirement. Low operating temperature, high quality raw material, adequate lubrication and avoiding contamination are important factors in extending bearing service life. As the world’s leading manufacturer of bearing solutions, HCH has a wide range of solutions and services to extend bearing service life and improve application profitability.
Environment concerning
Creation and maintenance of the best environmental conservation structure is one of the important social responsibilities for HCH. We not only comply with the requirements set forth in applicable governmental laws and regulations but also with customers’ requirements and internal standards, as HCH deems necessary. For office equipments, environment protection, to a great extent, means reducing energy consumption.However, the most important for bearings is to reduce the friction inside by choosing low-friction grease, optimized seals and shields design. With HCH systematic quality control, we offer you with the best application solutions for your office equipment energy saving purpose.

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