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Material Handling
Bearings in material handling are exposed to a number of different heavy-load environments-in addition to dirt, mud, rain and dust when used in outdoor applications. HCH medium size deep groove ball bearings and tapered roller bearings keep construction and mining machineries in production longer with less downtime. HCH products for these applications overcome contamination, debris, good resistance to temperature change, operate in poorly lubricated environments, and keep performing even with heavy loads at ultra-low speeds.

Hand trucks, pallet jacks and walkies
Hand trucks, pallet jacks and walkies operate in highly diverse environments with varying levels of operator use/abuse. They are subject to a lot of ramming and pushing. Bearings, particularly in the mast area and wheels must be able to withstand the resulting shock loads.
Forklift trucks
Forklift trucks used in the warehouse environment are exposed to varying loads under changing environmen- tal conditions. Bearings must be able to withstand cold temperatures (-40 °C) when equipment is used to trans- port materials in and out of freezers. And, they must be able to perform properly upon returning to warmer temperatures. In addition, forklifts typically operating in a highly abusive environment where the mast, in particular, are subjected to a lot of ramming and pushing. Therefore, the ability to withstand heavy shock loads is paramount.

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