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Vacuum Cleaners
Vacuum cleaner manufacturers are driven by consumer needs for increased efficiency, more compact and value for money devices. To meet this challenge, producers have looked at ways to:

> Improve suction through increased motor power.
> Introduce higher speed motors (above 50 000 rpm).
> Improve air circulation giving increased ventilation efficiency and more compact machines.
> Reduce noise levels.
> Review ways to reduce power consumption.

The effect of the higher power requirement has been an increase in temperature (above 110 °C). Friction torque therefore needs to be as low as possible.

Wet vacuum cleaner
Since these kinds of vacuum cleaners are working in humid environment, special attention should be paid to ensure the safety from electric attack. Bearings are usually fitted with heavy contact rubber seals incorporating a steel insert. Cages can be made of glass fiber reinforced plastic. Lubrication is often special grease designed for good performance at high speed and temperature together with good resistance to contamination and condensation.

Dry vacuum cleaner
For dry vacuum cleaners, single row deep groove ball bearings with metal shields are particularly versatile. The shields of bearings are designed with a special labyrinth to improve sealing capability. Lubrication consists of grease, which can meet the stringent requirements of high speed and high temperature conditions. Nylon cages are also available for HCH bearings.

HCH bearings for vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner motors are commonly used to drive the fan, which produces the air suction. It is supported by two small single row deep groove ball bearings normally with metal shields. They should be suitable for high speed and are robust in operation, requiring little maintenance. Deep raceway grooves and the close conformity between the raceway grooves and the balls enable deep groove ball bearings to accommodate axial loads in both directions, in addition to radial loads, even at high speeds.

For very high speed, a special design is needed. The internal radial clearance will depend on the design requirements for speed and running temperature. Please contact HCH Application Specialists for further information. HCH will be pleased to find the best solution for your design.

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