The automobile industry is going through a period of unprecedented change. Computer technology is moving into control and monitoring arrangements for many vehicle systems. Demand continues to increase for improvements in energy consumption, safety and comfort. Accordingly, demand is also rising for high-performance motors for advanced control systems. These sector's products are almost precision machinery components and enable us to maximize our competitive advantages. HCH offers the high reliable bearings for rotary components of automobiles as a business that offers outstanding medium to long-term growth potential and will actively cultivate new demand for these products. Now, it is the exciting and challenging times for all involved in engineering vehicles and vehicle systems.

For the aftermarket for cars and commercial vehicles, HCH has distribution partners all over the world. Our concept is to offer high quality products and premium services to our customers, whether your profession involves maintaining vehicles or supplying products to those who do. As a knowledge engineering company, HCH is much more than a components supplier. Our partners’ engineers are well trained directly by HCH to be an expertise to improve overall system reliability, safety and efficiency.

General requirements for automobile

Maintenance free
For both manufacturers and drivers, it is of utmost importance that all vehicles demand as low maintenance efforts as possible. Because maintenance means standstills and standstills mean loss of income. To meet these needs for reduced maintenance, HCH has been always trying the best to improve its bearings’ quality and steel material to sustain long HCH bearings’ long service life.

Save power by reducing friction
Reduced energy consumption is of ever increasing importance. The most important for HCH bearings is to reduce the friction inside, by choosing lowfriction grease, optimized seals and shields design. With HCH systematic quality control, we offer you with the best application solution for your automobile motor energy saving purpose.

Reduce vibration and noise levels
Excessive vibration and noise levels associated with automobile are an increasing concern for optimum performance reasons as well as for compliance with legislation. HCH offers a range of solutions for exceptionally quiet bearing operation, spanning from selection of bearings and lubrication to advanced engineering services, such as dynamic simulation, virtual testing and design concepts.

Environmental friendly
Our products represent a significant contribution to environmentally friendly mobility. As an engineering partner and supplier for almost all automobile manufacturers, we develop and manufacture forward-looking products and system solutions for alternators, engines, transmissions, steering system, metro-electricity and chassis. We use our “advance development and product innovation” process to work on requirements and solutions for the future.

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