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Bearing Fitting Service

HCH has almost 30 years of experience of the conditions and challenges around almost any type of rotating shaft or application. Our engineers work closely with the customer to formulate simple innovative cost effective solutions. This makes HCH into a natural engineering partner in fitting field. Moreover, HCH employs sophisticated computer aided design techniques to create and analysis every aspect of new model design.

● The necessity of a proper fit
Generally speaking, satisfactory radial location and adequate support can only be obtained when the rings are mounted with an appropriate degree of interference. Inadequately or incorr-
ectly secured bearing rings generally cause damage to the bearings and associated components. Therefore it is necess-
ary to make a careful investigation in selecting a proper fit. Some of the bearing failure caused by improper fit is listed below:

●Raceway cracking, early flaking and displacement of raceway
●Raceway and shaft or housing abrasion caused by creeping
●Seizing caused by negative internal clearances
●Increased noise and deteriorated rotational accuracy due to raceway groove deformation

An improper fit selection may allow the bearing to creep on the shaft or in the housing. As a result, creep can cause wear, ring fracture and excessive vibration.

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