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HCH's aftermarket business has been based for many years on its "value added" concept. The idea is to offer garage mechanics a convenient solution to help speed up and facilitate repair work. Service has always had a real meaning for HCH aftermarket. Over the years, we have always sought to anticipate and consider our clients' requirements. Today, due to our strategy of continuous improvement, our clients can count on us.


HCH Maintenance Partner Program

HCH continues to develop partnership services that combine global and local resources to provide customers with thebest bottom-line value. One of these is the HCH certified maintenance partner program. HCH certified maintenance partners are carefully selected by HCH authorized distributors that have been trained to help customers look inside their machinery to find opportunities they never suspected were possible to:

> Virtually eliminate machine failures
> Reduce maintenance costs
> Increase plant productivity
> Reduce overall cost of operation

HCH certified maintenance partner personnel are pre-qualified by HCH authorized distributors, and then trained to use the latest predictive maintenance technologies -- though their capabilities go far beyond typical predictive maintenance.


HCH Asset Improvement Program

Bearings for aftermarket are mostly going to the factory machinery mainenance. However, not every plant is the same. Each has its own set of challenges that sometimes makes it difficult to gauge the success of a project. At HCH, we can help create an asset improvement program for your application and monitor its progress.


Situational Analysis
An assessment to understand your problems - what is the problem, how often, what are the implications of the problem to our business, what is the cost of the problem? From this assessment, HCH considers how we can solve the problem.


Value Proposition
Having understood the extend of the problem, this is where we present our solution to you, including the costs and other associated issues (lead times, redesign, etc...).It is time for you to raise any other issues regarding our value proposition.

Value Implementation
Once you have accepted our value proposition we work with you as necessary, to create a mutually agreed implementation plan, taking into account any deadlines, key milestones and who is likely to be affected by our proposition.


Measuring Value
Once the HCH proposition has been implemented, we work with your own personnel to ensure that the forecasted savings are actually realized, through best practice maintenance of the implemented proposition. This is the verification step.


Share Best Practice
Once the HCH value proposition has proven its worth, we discuss with you any other departments or factories that may be having similar problems to those just resolved by our value proposition, and could therefore creating better value.


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