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Training services

At HCH we believe that training is a critical part of the support of our customers. We offer an extensive array of training on rolling bearings, customized to meet the specific needs of the customer. Our training programs cover topics such as bearing basics, handling, mounting, un-mounting, lubrication, and proper maintenance, but can be catered to suit your particular needs. Whether you are an OEM, end user, or distributor of HCH bearing products, we can assist you with your bearing needs with the tools, format, and location and pace that work better for your team.

Keep up to date
The goal of the training and qualification measures of the HCH Technical Training Centre is to achieve skilled HCH employees in External Sales and advisory work in the business divisions Machine Building and Automotive. This goal is also applied to our sales partners. The HCH Technical Training Centre communicates technical methodological expertise in:

● Theory and principles of rolling bearings, plain bearings

and linear technology
● Detailed product knowledge, assembly and applications
● Analysis, application and calculation of products
● Operational processes

Currently, there are more than 20 courses offered via the HCH Distributor College. These include topics from bearing basics to specific bearing types, with additional courses continually added.

Sales partner training
Keeping up to date with the latest product information, technology and techniques is one way that HCH Authorized Distributors provide their customers with more value. That's why HCH provides a wide range of training specifically developed for our distributors, many of whom require their employees to participate in the training as a quality measure. Starting from a firmer base in the characteristics and functions of rolling bearings, the training participant will receive the necessary explanations for their selection appropriate to the application. This background knowledge primarily supports our sales partners in gaining the loyalty of their customers by going beyond the definition of rolling bearing designations and rolling bearing types all the way to appropriate bearing selection.

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