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Logistics services

We know logistics. We know how to enhance your success. HCH Logistics Services manages a dedicated transportation network of air, sea, road and express programs created to meet the needs of manufacturing companies shipping finished products and industrial goods. Through the establishment of fixed time tables, our network assures reliable, short-lead-time deliveries around the world.

By sea By air By truck By rail

Access to the world-Our processes and systems are uniformly integrated worldwide, and easily accessed through a single point of contact. The HCH global supply chain consistently provides delivery accuracy an important advantage for our authorized distributors and their customers:

● Reduce transit times
● Expedite orders
● Provide real-time inventory status
● Improve reliability, availability and accuracy

Technology adds value- HCH logistics services with integrated technologies and advanced e-business tools to simplify transactions and improve information flow. We will keep your production lines moving with proven inbound logistics solutions and delivery systems. To maintain this world-class leadership in supply chain management, HCH continually invests in the human, physical and IT resources necessary to:

● Traceability
● Lead-time and frequency
● What can the market offer?
● Environmental impact.

Moreover, by partner training program, HCH makes sure that its authorized distributors have the appropriate information avaiable to help support their customers.

Cost efficiency is critical- so every opportunity for reducing cost must be adapted. You need someone who will help you save money, while maintaining quality and integrity. HCH Logistics Services understand your concern. We are trying to solve your specific challenges.

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