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Bearing replacement

Ordering the correct replacement bearing is a critical task - but it is not difficult if you take time to gather the right information. Please follow these steps:

First - IDENTIFY the type of bearing you need to replace.
Ball Bearing - Deep groove ball bearing
Roller Bearing - Tapered roller bearing
Split Pillow Block - Pillow Blocks
Second - LOCATE the identification number on the bearing.
Bearing identification numbers are usually located on the inner ring face, outer ring face, bearing O.D. or seals. Mounted units are identified by a number tag fastened to the unit or by a housing number cast into the housing cap.
Third - MEASURE if you need to.
If a bearing identification number is not legible, you will need to determine the following:
1. Inner ring bore (inside diameter)
2. Outer ring outside diameter
3. Inner width and outer width (these may be different)
4. Shape of the bore and/or outside diameter of bearing
Fourth - RECORD additional relevant information.
The more information available, the easier it will be to identify the replacement bearing needed. Record:
1. Unique features such as machined shoulders, etc.
2. Application/equipment data
Fifth - LOOK in the appropriate section of the catalog.
1. Ball bearings
2. Tapered roller bearings
3. Engineering information, for all bearing types

Notes: If you are still unable to identify the bearing you need, call your HCH distribution center.

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