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Fast fact
HCH corporate brief

Main business: Designing, manufacturing and selling of bearings.
Assets: US$108,000,000 (till Mar.18, 2013)
Capital: US$58,000,000 (till Mar.18, 2013)
No. of employees: 2,806 (till Mar.18, 2013)
Main products: Deep groove ball bearings, Tapered roller bearings
President: Hu Chengjiang
Year established: 1973 (by Hu Chengjiang)
Manufacturing Base: Miniature ball bearing manufacturing base
Small, medium ball bearing and tapered roller bearing manufacturing base
Address: Henghe Industry Zone, Cixi City, Zhejiang 315318, P.R. China

HCH sales brief

Market Overseas Domestic Total
2007 60,000,000USD 12,000,000 USD 72,000,000 USD
2008 71,000,000 USD 17,750,000 USD 88,750,000 USD
2009 75,045,063USD 22,500,560 USD 97,545,623 USD
2010 98,855,123 USD 23,450,500 USD 122,305,623USD
2011 107,677,620USD 48,376,902 USD 156,054,522USD
2012 106,504,520USD 56,504,200 USD 163,008,720 USD
2013 120,810,660USD 652,050,53USD 186,015,713USD
2014 (Target) 130,475,513 USD 704,214,57 USD 200,896,970 USD

Technology brief
HCH associates work to find the latest technology in raw material improvement, process improvement and product improvement. Today, we are a bearing leader in anti-friction technology and ultra-low noise bearing problem solving in China.

HCH quality brief
The company believes “the quality is the life”. HCH’s plants received certifications under ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949, ISO 14001and other quality certifications.

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