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Since HCH was founded in 1973, it has worked to improve social equity and environmental quality, proving that responsible business is good business. Operating this way, the company has been able to improve economic prosperity for itself, and society at large. With its tradition of integrating economic, environmental and social issues, HCH understands that sustainable development is one of the most challenging issues facing the world.

● Our values
Integrity - honesty pervades all that we do, say and stand for. Our thoughts, words and actions are consistent and aligned with our core values and we do what we say we will do.

Responsibility - to ourselves and our clients. We act responsibly as individuals, as coaches and as business owners.

Excellence - commitment to excellence. We continuously keep our business practices at the highest quality and we pride ourselves on being ambassadors for the coaching profession.

Continuous learning - for both ourselves and our customers. We are dedicated to the ongoing growth of our customers and ourselves so that we are constantly improving and connecting with the changing environment. Passion and Fun - Being present and giving it to all. We are passionate about what we do and it shows!

● Social actions and values
Guided by the philosophy that a company is a public entity of society, we will always be responsive with an open mind to the voice of society of what is right to the society and how we should behave.

Our actions are guided by our values. Our values are not only our road map for corporate responsibility; they are the drivers of all our decisions and activity in all countries. They are, in essence, our code of conduct, our character as a company. We will be transparent in our implementation of these principles and provide information, which publicly demonstrates our commitment to them.

HCH sees itself as a member of society with the responsibility for making a societal and social impact. We have twoowned plants and each location is defined by its own unique society, i.e. its citizens’ political and cultural awareness, as well as the area’s economic situation. HCH thus adapts its commitment to local conditions. The goal of social activities is to responsibly integrate the company into society at the local level and achieve mutual acceptance. In this context, the HCH Group also supports a variety of social institutions through donations, including money, and by providing resources free of charge. Financial aid is also provided for events such as street festivals and charitable functions.

● Society responsibility
HCH's best contribution to social and economic development is to run its businesses professionally and profitably, thus being able to create jobs and support our customers. HCH's management is actively encouraged to find ways and activities by which HCH and its employees can make a positive and lasting impact on the society and the communities in which we operate. The positive contributions typically come from involvement in projects and initiatives which aim at encouraging personal development for less privileged people, supporting education and vocational training, supporting local sports and health initiatives and stimulating other voluntary work.

On the day 12th, May, the strong earthquake brought out in Wenchuan, Sichuan province. HCH people take an action at once to donate money, clothing to support the unfortunate people to show their sympathy and concerning to the disaster area. Except for the donation, our general manager Ben Hu specially went to the quake-zone to appease children’s mentality

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