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Trade mark
For decades, the company’s HCH brand has stood for creative application solutions, great engineering and manufacturing expertise and a strong customer focus. Thinking outside the box that is taking new paths to develop ideas and think beyond barriers, is just as important now as it was when the company was first established.

Detailed Meaning Description
Legal compliance / Policy for activities We shall comply with both the letter and the spirit of laws and regulations and carry out our business activities in an open and honest manner.
Customers We shall strive to develop new technologies and new products, as well as to provide safe and reliable products.
Business partners We shall engage in fair and free competition, and at the same time establish excellent partnerships with our business partners.
Employees We shall value the individuality and diversity of our employees, work to create a safe and pleasant workplace, and achieve comfort and prosperity.
The environment With ample consideration to preserving the global environment and protecting the ecosystem. We shall work toward the creation of a sustainable progressing society.
Society We shall actively make every effort to interact meaningfully with society on a local and to engage in activities that contribute to society.
International activities We shall, as a matter of course, obey all international rules as well as the laws of each country and each region that we operate in; we shall also respect local cultures and practices and contribute to local development.

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