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Message from chairman of the board
All over the world, the HCH Group’s HCH brand stands for the development and manufacture of rolling bearings. In the spirit of a “family business”, the shareholders and management of the HCH Group see it as their task to continue to develop the company responsibly and successfully.

HCH has adopted the following three principles as its basic policy for management.
● Ensure that HCH is a company for which we feel proud to work----To build up employee loyalty.
● Reinforce the confidence our customers have----To build up customer loyalty.
● Contribute to a global society----To build up international competence.

Under this basic management policy, we have actively addressed the development of higher value-added products and the sophistication of product quality. In addition we have focused company resources on areas where we can display our strength. At the sametime, we have strengthened our operations based on financial improvements, and have striven to practice a transparent management from that is easier to understand within and across the Company. Furthermore, as a key theme in the development of business in various parts of the world, we have continued our commitment to environmental protection activities.

Technical and business expertise as well as the dedication of our excellent employees has always been a basis for our success, as have been our regional ties that have never lost sight of the global picture. We are also attaching importance on strengthening of basic technologies, because they are essential to developing new products, new markets, and nextgeneration products. We further the competence of our employees and rely on targeted investments in research and development. We base our decisions on customers’ expectations. Our customers demand proximity in growing and new developing markets.

Not only has our development been characterized by responsible management and consistent company development, we have also actively designed the connection between the company history and the corporate culture. We cultivate exceptional commitment, mutual trust and reliability, which have resulted in powerful and sustainable results.

Hu Chengjiang

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