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Corporate Governance
In order to achieve HCH business objective, HCH has approached the enhancement and reinforcement of corporate governance as a key management theme. We have a director system in response to the need for highly strategic business judgments and timely action. At the sametime, by having an executive officer system, we delegate significant authority from the Board of Directors to Executive Officers, and clearly divide the role of management / supervision functions from execution functions. Furthermore, regarding the board of corporate auditors, in order to strengthen and enhance its auditing functions, we have the Board of five members (including three external corporate auditors).

Board of Directors Meeting A meeting of HCH's Board of Directors is basically held on once a month and as-needed basis to facilitate a swift and strategic decision-making process. Significant business matters related to our domestic and overseas group companies are discussed and resolved by the Board of Directors.
Senior Executive Officer Council This is the President and Chief Executive Officer's advisory panel. Matters related to business operations are discussed by the Senior Executive Officer Council in monthly meeting or in extraordinary Senior Executive Officer Council meetings when necessary.
Executive Officers Meeting Business operations of domestic and overseas group companies are reported on at quarterly Executive Officers Meetings as well as other Executive Officers Meetings held on an as needed basis in order to enhance interdivisional cooperation.
Board of Corporate Auditors Meeting Adequately discussing and analyzing specific issues at the Ordinary Board of Corporate Auditors Meeting held basically once every month and Corporate Auditors Preliminary Meeting held accordingly. Also, an informal meeting with the Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer is held every quarter.
Other Committees Committees are established for specific matters necessary for adequate business operations, such as Compliance, Risk Management, Information Security, etc.

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