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Cultivation of growing market
With more than 30 years working in the bearing industry, supplying to thousands of various customers in hundreds of different bearing applications, HCH has accumulated abundant of application knowledge. When we started out 30 years ago as a specialized manufacturer of ball bearings, we supplied bearings for using in electric fans, transmissions, agriculture machineries two wheelers and pumps. Since then, we have responded to demand for our precision bearings in an increasingly wide range of industries. In 1980s, we started to work with electric power tools manufacturers and automotive system. In the 1990s, we expanded our focus to household appliances, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and air conditioners as well as the electric motor industry. We also supply miniature bearings to world-renowned office equipment manufacturers and high precision machinery industry. In the current new century, these markets are expected to continue growing. We also anticipate increased demand from the automotive industry for high-precision, highly reliable bearings. Furthermore, the bearings for airplane are coming to HCH's consideration.

The HCH Group is active in the daily-life products, automotive products, and industrial products. The group’s strong customer focus has been an essential part of its success.

● Automotive bearing cultivating
In the automotive industry, demand continues to increase for improvements in energy consumption, safety and comfort. Accordingly, demand is also raising for high-performance bearings and sensors for advanced control systems. These sector’s products are almost precision machinery components and enables us to maximize our competitive advantages. We view rotary components for automobiles as a business that offers outstanding medium to long-term growth potential and will actively cultivate new demand for these products. We manufacture motors for electric power steering systems, light control system and dashboard unit with meters for automakers in Europe and developing ABS motors, electric brake motors and other rotary components, which we expect to bring to market in the near future. We expect demand for these products to expand considerably in the years ahead for use in sensors for next-generation automobiles.

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