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Noise testing
In HCH bearing manufacturing, a frequency spectrum analyzer is used to measure the magnitude of vibration and the distribution of frequencies. A frequency spectrum analyzer can have a good control on the bearing vibration. Furthermore, the machine electronically translates these signals by a heterodyning process, making them audible, so that inspectors can hear these sounds from the machine speaker and see them as intensity increments in a meter. By this way, testing results also enable the determination of the likely cause of the bearing irregularity

Working process of a frequency spectrum analyzer

Machine basic vibration


Speed Low Band (L) Medium Band(M) High Band (H)
min. max.
r/min. Hz Hz Hz
882 909 50 150 150 900 900 5 000
1 764 1 818 50 300 300 1 800 1 800 10 000

Axial load applied on the vibration machine

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