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Long life and high durability bearings
● Bearing life and reliability test on HCH bearings.

Put the bearings on the professional bearing life strengthen tester (ABLT-3) for test. As shown in the figure left, set 1KN of radial load and 500N of axial load, and operate continuous for 1000 hours at 15000RPM. Then to disassemble these bearings then analysis, and got the results as follow:

HCH bearing rings and steel balls are “zero-wear”, as follow figures

After the test, the outer ring raceway, inner ring raceway and steel ball all didn’t appear wear, which is “zero-wear”.

● Customized Lubricant Selection
Selecting suitable lubricants is also a part of the comprehensive support. We have developed our own range of rolling bearing greases from a variety of lubricants. The greases are tested with state-of-the-art testing procedures and systems. They offer superb prerequisites for long bearing operating life and operating safety.

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