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Anti-dust and anti-water bearings.
The performance of sealing is vital to the cleanliness of the lubricant and the overall service life of the bearing arrangement. Integral bearing seals must be able to keep contaminants out and lubricant in the bearing cavity.

● Inner ring seal groove types

V-groove L-groove
HCH bearings give priority to adopt “V” type seal groove, which have better dustproof ability Other bearings for electric power tools adopt “L” type seal groove, which have general dustproof effect

●Shield and seals

Type, code No. Shielded type Sealed type
Non-contact type Non-contact type Contact type Tight sealing type
Torque Low Low Medium Higher torque than 2RS
Dust proofing Very good Better than ZZ-type Good Excellent
Water proofing Poor Poor Good Excellent
High speed capacity Same as open type Same as open type Better than 2RS1 Good

Function of HCH 2RS1 design HCH 2RS1 seal Other brand seal
Compared with other brands, HCH seal material gel content is higher, more pliable and more elastic, so the wear resistance is stronger. It greatly enhance the bearing seal life

● Verification of bearing dust proof performance
Dust proof performance comparison experiment between HCH bearing and a well-known brand bearing. Immerge the two brands of bearing in the dust after the operation, and evaluate them according to the operating cycle. Result as follow:
Bearing type Dustproof performance cycle
HCH bearing hand feel is still good after twenty cycle
A well-known brand bearing hand feel appears abnormal after eight cycle

● Verification of bearing waterproof performance
Put the bearing in the special experimental device and make seal, inject 30-50 ml of water in the device, and adjust the pressure value to make it continuous change from 0 MPa to 0.2 MPa. HCH 2RS1 bearings under 0.2MPa pressure are not leaking that means the bearing can withstand 5m-10m of water pressure with no leakage.

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