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Low noise bearings
For 30 years we have been applying our engineering expertise to the challenge of reducing friction to make machinery run more efficiently. As a result of optimized geometries, lubrication, cages, and manufacturing techniques, new HCH tapered and deep groove roller bearings exhibit significantly less friction torque, or friction loss, than conventional bearings 30% reduction or more, depending on bearing size and application conditions.

● Improve the processing precision of the bearing raceway

When bearings at high speed, raceway and balls friction is the most important factor to cause the bearing temperature rise. To reduce friction, it is necessary to control the precision and roughness of the raceway. HCH uses Japanese superfinishing machine for bearing raceway processing, and the control of raceway precision and roughness has reached the international first-class level.

● Cage
The high speed of the electric power tools requires high strength and toughness of the bearing cage. So the cage HCH used is from the famous international cage supplier.

HCH uses high precious and strength cage to ensure bearing smooth running, leading to minimize friction and heat value. HCH also uses nylon cage that suits for high speed, to ensure the bearing comprehensive life.

● High-purity and low-noise greases
Such greases are used to reduce the running noise of rolling element bearings, e.g. in audio & video equipment, precision bearings in disk drives, linear and oscillating actuators in computer sensors and printers. Low-noise highpurity greases are also a vital component for the production of precision equipment. The use of high-purity grease can significantly extend the operational lifetime of a rolling bearing.

● Low-temperature greases
Lubricating greases exhibiting minimal consistency increase at low temperatures provide excellent low-temperature stability. Suitable base oils for low-temperature duty are synthetic esters, PFPE oils and polyalphaolefins.

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