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Deep groove ball bearing

HCH rolling bearing basically consists of two rings, rolling elements and a cage, which keeps the rolling elements at equal intervals. Seals and shields are applied to prevent the bearing from outside affect such as dust or oil invasion. The main purpose of lubricants in rolling bearing is to reduce friction and wear of each element.

● Deep groove ball bearing components ( ZZ type )

The above bearing construction drawing only lists one type of inner ring construction (V-groove), which is applied usually in sealed bearings. But there are other two types of inner ring constructions applied as below chart.

Inner ring seal groove types

V-groove L-groove Plain


1) V-groove type are usually applied for small and medium size HCH deep groove ball bearings with seals or shieds.
2) L-groove type are usually applied for miniature size HCH deep groove ball bearings with seals or shieds.
3) Plain type are usually applied for HCH open type deep groove ball bearings.


● Tapered roller bearing components

Tapered roller bearings are designed so that the center lines of the raceways and rollers all converge at a single point as shown in the right diagram. Due to this design feature, rollers move along the center of the raceway surfaces. 

Aside from any cautionary notes that may appear, the single row tapered roller bearings have sub-units standardized for both metric and inch systems (including J series). 

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