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Bearing size selection

Deep groove ball bearing: 62 series
Required service life: more than 10000h

1.The dynamic equivalent load ( P r ) is hypothetically calculated
The resultant value, Fa /Fr =300/2000=0.15, is smaller than any other values of e in the bearing specification table Hence, HCH can consider that P r = F r = 2 000N

2.The required basic dynamic load rating (Cr) is calculated according to equation

3. Among those covered by the bearing specification table, the bearing of the 62 series with Cr exceeding 19730N is 6206, with bore diameter for 30mm.

4.The dynamic equivalent load obtained at step 1 is confirmed by obtaining value e for 6206. Where C0r of 6206 is l2.8 kN,and ?0 is 13.8

Then, value e can be calculated using proportional interpolation

As a result,it can be confirmed that
Example2: Deep groove ball bearing: 63 series Required service life: more than 10000 h

1. The hypothetic dynamic equivalent load ( Pr ) is calculated: Since Fa/Fr = 2 400/4 000=0.6 is much larger than the value specified in the bearing specification table, it suggests that the axial load affects the dynamic equivalent load. Hence, assuming that X = 0.56, Y=1.6 (approximate mean value of Y).
2. The required basic dynamic load rating(Gr )is:

3.From the bearing specification table, a 6310 with a bore diameter of 50 mm is selected as a 63 series bearing with Cr exceeding 51 280 N

4. The dynamic equivalent load and basic rating life are confirmed,by calculating the value e for a 6310 Values obtained using the proportional interpolation are:

Using the resultant values, the dynamic equivalent load and basic rating life can be calculated as follows:

5. The basic rating life of the 6309, using the same steps,is:

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